Spring Use of Deer Defeat Repellent


Early spring is a very import time to protect your perennials just peeking out of the ground.  We keep repeating the importance of early spraying. This spring, just as in all the past years, it’s important to protect anything green. Deer are extremely hungry after the winter is over. As soon as your perennials are an inch or two high, please spray them. During the growing season spray every 6 or 7 inches of new growth. Once the flowers are mature, repeat the spraying once per month.

Use the same procedure for newly planted annuals.  Spray them as soon as you are done planting or you might not find them the next morning. During the growing season, spray every 6 or 7 inches of new growth. Once the flowers are mature, repeat the spraying once per month.

When spraying, for best results, please make sure there is no wind and no rain in the forecast for the next 4 hours.  The repellent will dry odorless in a few minutes but will take a few hours to fully set.

Always start with a good shake of the Deer Defeat bottle.  If you use a commercial sprayer do the same, shake the sprayer, adjust the nozzle to a fine mist and begin spraying. There is no need to saturate the plants. Spray until you see droplets on the leaves. You will not need to re-apply the repellent after rainfall.  For any flowers with long stems like tulips, hostas, lilies and roses, make sure to spray buds as they form. Just follow these simple steps and you will enjoy beautiful flowers the entire season. 

In warmer areas, you will be surprised how easily you will be able to grow and maintain beautiful colors all year long.

Always begin by shaking the repellent well.  If your garden is small, apply liberally to the grass 2 ft. wide along the perimeter of the garden.  If you have a larger garden, you can spray the vegetables and fruit trees up to the flowering stage.  Once your plants start flowering, just spray the grass around the perimeter of the garden once per month.  After mowing grass, reapply repellant. If your fruit trees are not bearing fruit, spray the trees directly.  The repellent will protect your vegetables and fruit trees as well as nourish your plants.


Our suggestion:
When you purchase the 16 oz Concentrate, please mix the whole batch at once to achieve the perfect ratio for a gallon of repellent. Use any empty gallon well rinsed (such as milk or water gallon).  Shake the 16 oz Concentrate well, pour into the gallon container and fill up with water to make a total of a gallon Ready To Use repellent.  Once mixed, the repellent has a long shelf life.  If not used this season, it can be used next season. When filling a pump sprayer or hand bottle sprayer, shake the entire gallon well before filling your sprayer.


When you purchase a gallon of Concentrate, follow the same instructions as 16 oz. Concentrate.  If mixing one gallon at a time, use 16 oz. of concentrate for each gallon of Ready to Use.  Always shake the concentrate well before preparing the Ready to Use repellant.


Store repellent between 40⁰ F to 90⁰ F.  Keep away from children.

Happy gardening! Enjoy the sun, heat, flowers….Have a wonderful and successful season!

The Deer Defeat Team